A quick Messiah Netflix review

This series had a very positive effect on me. It was spiritually uplifting, and I am non religious.

I binged all 10 episodes in one sitting.

There was an aspect of it that I really enjoyed which the mainstream critics have not been even barely mentioning. The rest of it was just Hollywood to me.

The message the film delivered was via the ‘Messiah’ character. I resonated with every word he said.

What he expressed and how he responded to each person who came to him for help with wisdom and love.

He did not give advice, or tell them what to believe, he passed their questions back to them to find their own answers and reminded them how strong they are. (Great therapist!)

And how he held himself fearlessly and with stillness in the face of danger and criticism.

Also even if he had a past, that does not matter one jot.

The way he rehearsed nothing and trusted. The certainty with which he behaved. He waited till he was moved to act, sometimes for a long time. What he ‘wanted’ didn’t matter, he knew what he had to do.

I came away feeling moved and empowered. The fears put in their place and ready to STEP UP. (I have already taken an action that I’ve been avoiding through fear even though I know it has the potential to benefit others).

Thank you for the reminder “Messiah”. And thank you to the actor, I had the sense that he knew and lived deeply into his part, he seemed submerged in it.

Here is link to the trailer. https://youtu.be/mjLWuzGVyew

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  1. omg..i am on episode 6 and have been feeling the same way!! i am so glad someone said it out loud! In my world ( arts community) there is a huge resistance to anything that even smells of “religion” . I am a Christian, but i rarely ever talk about it since it tends to spark debate. However, i have found this series to be as you said..uplifting in the aspect of a person with”no fear” and very confident while remaining humble and non confrontational. It is certainly what i aspire to be myself 🙂

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