Being Gentle

And continuing to celebrate the small victories.

Small steps every day that are beneficial and healthy to me and to others. I’m enjoying that I’ve discovered the contentment of this gentle behaviour and altered expectation of life.

It took a while for the sensation drama hungry side of me to calm down (years), and expectations shifted as a result. This is a gentle way to live.

  • Living gently, light on the eating, vitamins, daily walks in nature, singing and dancing quietly when I feel like it, quietly bemused by this when it happens. Resting as and when.
  • Going gentle on myself, gentle self talk, dropping scary thoughts gently, gentle on the judgements
  • Gentle with the expectations, what is happening, it’s well good enough
  • To notice and give thanks, there’s so much abundance
  • To notice when I need to breath from lower in my body and more consciously
  • Being gentle with others
  • Gratitude creates an atmosphere of gentleness. It works well to remember all that is good.
  • Walking gently and taking the time to notice what is here right now this very second
  • Gentle progress, very small steps in a direction I want to go. Less work, less thinking about money, less stress, doing a little work for my course, an additional career ahead potentially.
  • Gentle breathing from the abdomen, instead of the anxiety producing upper chest breathing and even breath holding in anxious states. Now I’m breathing deeply whenever anxiety arises.

A small victory I’d like to share, it looks small but is actually massive for me personally. I have bitten my nails since I was 2 years old. Today I have long unbitten nails. I had been on a course of calgel to strengthen them as they grow. I removed these yesterday and applied (badly as I have zero experience) varnish. This is the first time ever my own nails have been exposed without the protective covering of calgel which required a weird ultraviolet slightly painful cooking to each coat. And expensive at £60 a month to maintain. So here starts my experiment to see if I can resist returning to biting them.

It’s small victories like this that I’m working with. Learning not to sabotage myself. Allowing gradually more wellbeing and happiness to make a nest inside. I’ve created a more welcome environment inside for these to take root, by loving myself more.

One big gentle softening going on.


  1. it is good to be more gentle with ourselves daily. I have a tough time with that also, because i am always fighting the fear that i will get lazy along with it. I will probably struggle with this for a few more years but have eased off of 75% of it.Progress!

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    1. Great 🙂 I was scared at first, has taken years then bit by bit I saw that the sky didn’t actually fall in! And permission to be lazy for me is vital-in the name of conserving more limited energy.

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