No Longer Entertainment, Food

I don’t eat much these days. As I have got older my body requires less food.

If I eat as I did for most of my life, I put on weight, and quite quickly too.

Eating less has taken some getting used to because food was a big form of pleasure and entertainment for me. I looked to it for comfort, taste and satisfaction and I often ate more than I need to as I liked the taste and feeling really full.

I can’t do that any more, and there was some mourning having to give up a fun activity. However I now don’t like feeling too full and gets easier as you eat less, you get used to it.

So these days it’s often nothing to eat till 6pm, or at most a small bowl of cereal or a few slices of roast beef. For dinner I often have a sirloin steak, a salmon steak or steak pie and broccoli. Hardly ever eat potatoes, bread or rice, maybe once a week. Sometimes fish pie as a treat.

Occasionally I’ll have a treat, and have dinner with friends or eat out. Today I went to Yo Sushi for a while 8 pieces of cucumber and avocado maki, and a small plate of seaweed salad. That’s it for the day.

I have slowly learned to stop looking to food for emotional comfort. It is more just a function of staying alive now, while I still enjoy the evening meal. I sometimes do a semi fast and just have tea all day, with milk and honey, I do that maybe once a week or two.

I’ve lost weight and I like that side effect. I was wondering if carrying less weight would give me more energy but it isn’t, not yet anyway. I do feel better about how I look though, clothes feel better and like that I’m healthier from having a lower BMI. Think I’m a 24 now. No alcohol has of course helped the weight go down too.

As I have learned to comfort myself with the new tools I’ve learned of being kind to myself, it seems I don’t have the same need to grab on food to feel comfort. Just thought I’d share that!

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