One small Improvement a Day

When I am tired or feeling low this is a challenge I can manage. I leave the bigger items on the ‘to do’ list for when I have the energy.

The practice is take at least one small action that is good for me or other people or both. And it can be a really tiny one, like wiping the light switches or cleaning my boots.

This gives a little sense of achievement, of moving in a positive direction and boosts self esteem.

Usually even when really tired or unmotivated I manage quite a few small actions like this. It can be

  • taking the time to ask the checkout person what kind of day they are having – treating people like they matter who often don’t get much human attention from the multiple customers
  • taking the dog to the park – the dog’s happiness spreads to me and I love the effect of the trees and river is relaxing and a little exercise every day is so good for us
  • phoning an elderly friend to find out how they are keeping – showing care feels good for both people
  • a little tidy up and de clutter – order around helps to feel order within
  • having my nails done – feels good to look after myself
  • replying to an email from a client – one less item on the ‘to do’ list relieves stress

I set the bar low so that it’s easily achievable.

It’s ‘good enough’ for those days.

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