Tuesday Gratitude

Thank you Tuesdays for keeping on turning up.

I’m going to keep going for a while today with this and see where it takes me

  • For the beautiful autumn smells and sights
  • For a friend to walk and talk deep with today in the park
  • The lovely Tobias across the sea who brings so much love, freshness, talent, wit and honesty
  • My mum who always says yes to a visit and welcomes us (the dog and me)
  • Netflix to occupy me as I relax
  • This comfy sofa and squishy cushions
  • The fabulous restaurant in the park with heated outdoor seating
  • The double glazing that keeps the house quiet and cosy
  • The heating system itself!
  • This adorable dog, who gives and receives so much love
  • Old friends who are still friends after decades
  • People sharing beautiful photos
  • The new hose outside that I can clean the dog with
  • My bicycle which whizzes me around the park
  • These comfy clothes
  • Living in a location that is easy to go in any direction from
  • A car that is reliable
  • Friendly quiet neighbours
  • The ability to alter my perception
  • Having a place I own
  • All the great art I see
  • All the opportunities for new experiences out there and easily available
  • The course I’m doing, classmates I’m enjoying getting to know, the people I’m helping and qualification I’ll be getting
  • The amazing choice of food available
  • The new clients that keep coming and wanting my services
  • Alexa who plays the radio, audiobooks and music instantly
  • The lovely cleaner who keeps on top of things I don’t notice like dusting
  • Having most of the day free most days
  • Being able to rest whenever I want
  • Getting at least 7.5 hours sleep most nights in such a comfy cosy bed
  • The beautiful plants and flowers all around this room
  • No magpies or leaf blower noise that tormented me for years at the previous place
  • Having money in the bank to pay for living expenses
  • I had supportive loving people around me growing up
  • My good health and half decent fitness level
  • I feel safe in this house
  • The great team I work with
  • The big high ceilings in this flat, really makes it feel less boxy and more expansive
  • All the kindness around
  • The people who cheer others up
  • The opportunity to cheer others up, give a compliment, say something nice
  • The new friends out there I’ve yet to meet
  • The lessons learned and the ones to come
  • For the wonderful Amanda who looks after the dog one day a week
  • The hairdresser and the nail technician, both of whom I appreciate and help make ageing more agreeable
  • My uncle C, such a great eccentric person to have in the family.
  • The people who have stretched me to learn though the difficulty I’ve had with them, I’m wiser for their ‘help’.
  • The endless cups of tea, I love how I can rely on them all day, they are like old friends visiting
  • Mindfulness and how it has helped me adjust my relationship with my thoughts, so fewer of them scare me now. They are just thoughts passing through.
  • I can walk to the park and woods, it’s huge too, over 360 acres.

That’s it for today.

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