Starting the Week with a Gratitude List

My spirits always lift a little when I’m about to write a gratitude list, even if I’m miles away from remembering to be grateful.

It’s because I know I’m about to remind myself that no matter what I’m feeling, there’s much that is going well in life. And actually even if I’m feeling anxious or any other temporary feeling visitor is present, things are actually okay.

I find that once I start the list can just go on an on and probably reach 200 if I kept going. Maybe that’s would be a fun experiment one day!

  • The sun is shining
  • I’m about to go out into the woods with the dog which makes us both happy and is right next to where I live
  • The road is quiet today as it’s a holiday, no rush hour or people racing about stressed
  • I’ve been getting through the essay I was dreading doing and will have it finished for the hand in date
  • I’ve done a design I was stuck with for over a month. I asked for help from my mum and received it gratefully
  • I’m fortunate to have a beautiful dog who I can talk to and exchange love and affection with, it’s made living alone much more bearable
  • I actually like living alone in many ways, the freedom to walk about naked, easy to keep tidy, do what I want
  • I’m about to get a flatmate for a month, an old friend moving back here, someone who I can discuss anything with, and get along with. That will probably be an enjoyable change
  • The business is going smoothly, and I’m able to reduce the guy’s weekly working hours for winter and keep their pay the same. This feels good to be able to do and I get to think of myself as a good boss which is pleasing.
  • I like myself more and more, this means that others treat me well now compared to the past when I tolerated mistreatment due to low self esteem
  • My son is having an interesting and adventurous life living in different countries which keeps him happy enough it seems.
  • This hot cup of tea in front of me
  • A healthy happy well behaved dog
  • A course I’m doing which will give me a new qualification if I complete it in June.

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