Gratitude – An Unexpected Bonus

Yes cultivating a habit of gratitude makes us feel great, a whole lot less moany, way more focused on what we have and less on what’s missing. It’s got a lot going for it.

It has another nearly magically transformative quality too. Not really magic though…

I’m not a great believer in The Secret type of ‘ordering from the universe’ philosophy, but I’ve experienced part of it in my life.

Putting out an intention can be powerful if it comes from the deepest core of our being. Also powerful is examining the beliefs and conditioning that hold us back.

Making time for being grateful for what I already have has opened doors for further abundance in my life.

Being grateful for everything that supports me as a daily habit.

Being grateful towards and appreciative of myself, my lovability, talents, achievements and qualities.

Learning to love and appreciate ourselves leads to a sense that we deserve the abundance of having lots to be grateful for, and we can start to notice how wonderful it is already. After a while starts to feel comfortable, normal to allow it. After all, it is already here.

The remnants of any beliefs that we are undeserving show up to be acknowledged, they can be looked at and processed as necessary, and then put to rest, let go of.

It is okay to allow ourselves to let in the love, abundance, beauty and joy that is all around us almost all the time, waiting for permission to enter.

And as we tend to get more of what we focus on, so knowing what we want is important. Sometimes we are secretly attracted to strife and scarcity due to habit.

Knowing what we really consciously want, and knowing what we don’t want in life can assist us in becoming conscious agents rather than unconscious passengers hooked into past beliefs, conditioning, rules and habits.

So this has started working for me. I complain a lot less. The gratitude has elbowed out the ‘not enough’ thoughts based on fear. The scary thoughts do still arise daily especially when there’s a problem with a client, however the tide is turning. I feel myself relaxing into allowing it all to be smoother, and I’m allowing myself to relax more.

My life is not all roses, but I started moving away from stress producing activity, halved the size of my business, and magically seem to be earning just as much if not more. This is exciting!

And then I started retraining in a field I’ve always loved, psychology.

Finish this statement.

I am happiest when I’m being……

It’s very powerful and taps into what truly excites us inside.

For me the answer is when I notice I’m helping myself and others overcoming blocks and fulfilling our potential.

And in 10 months I’ll be qualified after a 3 year course, while still running my existing business. Then a new chapter begins, one that gives me an opportunity to shine in a new way while helping others to heal and shine.

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