Appreciating the Beautiful

Everywhere I look, if I choose to notice, there’s beauty all around me.

I see my body, even just my hand, it’s a beautiful design that works so well every day supporting me. Thank you hand! Thank you beautiful feet, legs, bum, arms, I appreciate you all. And the bits I can’t see too of course, all those exquisitely designed organs all functioning as one to maintain me. Amazing!

I look out the window and I see trees swaying, a beautiful old sandstone building across the road, gorgeous cars whizzing by, unique individuals walking by, the odd bird, sun twinkling through the clouds. All so beautiful and much appreciated.

Inside my apartment, the temperature is kept perfect by a well designed beautiful heating system. There’s plants growing, vases of flowers, a gorgeous kitchen, oak shelving, computers, a comfy sofa….so much that supports me and here to appreciate if I want.

And all the choices I have right now. The beautiful freedom to choose which thoughts I focus on, what I give my attention to on social media, on the web, which films I watch.

It’s beautiful to be able to communicate all over the world on the internet. It’s beautiful to have neighbours to meet and chat with, fellow dog walkers with gorgeous dogs to say hello to. My friends and family and my dog, I appreciate them all and the way they make me feel supported in life. Thank you to you too for even reading this. xxx

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