Resting, a day in a life.

A walk in the woods in the rain at 9, Throwing the balls, ‘singing in the rain’ song sung out loud! A couple of chats with strangers, dog splashing about in the flooded stream, then home and towelled down the dog. Wiped off mud from the walls.

Then into town to pick up a laminated plan print, took it to the new job and gave it to the guys, discussed job details. I’d let the dog out and she romped joyfully through deep mud.

Then over through little one track roads in the beautiful countryside to the other job, and chatted to that team about some details. Hoping a jolly chat and encouragement makes working in this rain more bearable.

Then a whizz round the supermarket for supplies (music painful in there), a quick look in another shop for a hose for this muddy dog. None. Home, towelled dog for second time, wiped more mud off walls and floor, washed my boots, and cooked some pork for her. Answered some work emails. Looked up portable dog showers. This mud thing needs a solution before we get inside, the work is far too intensive. Put on a washing, hang it on the radiators.

Then I’m done. DONE. Flat out on the sofa with a blanket, quick nap. Awoke still exhausted to the phone ringing, didn’t answer. Still lying here. What a luxury. I’m grateful. Eyes keep shutting. The sound of cars on the wet road outside in the rain softly in the background, it’s a pleasant rhythm. Children’s voices in the close for a few seconds, the hum of the freezer and the heating boiler.

Thoughts come and go about things I need to do. Twinge of stress, people expecting action today on a couple of payments. I’ll do them, but not now, when the time is right. I’ve learned not to worry too much if at all. It’s a waste of energy. And anyway life keeps kinda just carrying on without it fine.

It’s 3pm already. Been listening to a psychotherapy podcast. Very useful and kind of him to share his experience. David.D.Burns. Scrolled through fb, posted an interesting 1962 sculpture photo and the crazy mad news.

And now a Netflix film, ‘Maud’ with the dog periodically visiting the sofa for a pat. That’s it for now. Later another walk in the woods, and probably won’t go to my authentic connections meeting tonight unless energy is available to be around 10 strangers connecting deeply. Doubt it.

I don’t know why I feel this tired so often. I seem to manage bursts of activity then the energy is shot. I’m going with it though.

There’s a lot happening this week. Drop the dog at the dog sitters overnight. 2 new therapy clients tomorrow afternoon to see, and a third I’ve seen a few times. Then on Thursday a whole day of the final year of the therapy course starting then pick up the dog on the other side of the city. Looking forward to all of this. Feeling well and at ease.

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