Doing nearly Nothing

Is what I’m doing this weekend, all weekend.

It’s what I need. I don’t have energy to see anyone or socialise.

So it’s 2 walks in the woods a day, a sit by the river, nature photographs, play with the dog.

And the rest of the time it’s mostly lying down, reading and watching films, drinking tea. And that is IT.

Not much going on in my head either. Though I see thoughts trying to scare me about the coming week trying different angles to grab me. So far not stress inducing, just showing them out the back door gently.

Actually I have become nearly allergic to stress. As soon as I notice I’m doing something stress inducing I turn my attention in a different direction. It feels so poisonous to feel anxious.

I turn to gratitude.

  • This airy room
  • The quietness here
  • The proximity of 365 hectares of woods and fields, like 100m away!
  • Convenience of getting places from here
  • Comfort of this sofa I’m lying on
  • Beauty and good company of the dog
  • Tobias is well and having fun, making money and doing what he enjoys
  • Nobody is calling me asking me to do anything – I really love that
  • Breathing the fresh air, watching the water ripple by, being around the towering trees 100s of years old
  • Work lined up for months ahead – very little pressure and stress for em that means till next year and a steady income
  • Final year of the course starting this week-the final main hurdle towards being a qualified psychotherapist, and some new people to meet too
  • I love being a therapist and making a difference in people’s life
  • I love making beautiful gardens
  • Enjoying that it’s been 6 weeks now of being alcohol free
  • Came off HRT, and glad nothing bad has happened, it’s only been a week though
  • I’m enjoying my freedom, I have so much of it.
  • It’s valuable to have a scattering of good friends
  • I’m loving meeting strangers in the park and having meaningful sharing conversations

Lots and lots to to be thankful for 🙂


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