Maintenance Diet

Sometimes life is like being in the birthing room having a long painless labour. A time of waiting patiently. While gently cleaning up a little inside and outside.

I’m using this recovery time to de stress and just let myself off the hook of as many ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’t s as I can.

I’m maintaining things, keeping the place clean and tidy, eating well and not too much, drinking lots of water, no alcohol, getting into nature several times a day with the dog. Having regular social interactions, my friend E yesterday who is always very interesting and a veg cafe lunch with my dear old friend S then a bonus hour when her delightful son K joined us in the car for some good chat. And then there’s the various dog walking park people I bump into and counselling clients. My final year is going to restart in about a month.

I have no idea what lies ahead. At 54 it is an age for taking stock. Energy use is more important as there is less of it available. Discovering where it is is being wasted and where it is best spent. That may change once I recover from this burnout. I’m aware it could take time, and that is fine. Life is good and trundling along.

Hope you have a fruitful relaxed day x

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