A New Day for Gratitude

Each of these new days is an opportunity to make choices. What thoughts do I choose to entertain and allow to linger today?

Will today be coloured by what’s wrong in the world and my life or what’s right.

What I worry about or what I am grateful for?

What is in the present or what’s in the past which is gone or the future which is just imagination?

I read the news and I felt sad about those shootings, and I accepted that and let it go.

Here are things I can change and those I can’t, and no point in lingering in the latter.

Today I choose abundance and thanks.

  • I am healthy and well
  • My son is healthy and well and doing what he loves
  • The dog is happy, healthy and well !
  • I enjoying this alcohol free experiment and not feeling the need to squelch down anxiety.
  • Because the anxiety has subsided considerably, that I’m very grateful to be free from. I wonder if even a few drinks could have caused it
  • I’m delighted to have a 300 hectare wooded park next to where I live and enjoy
  • I have a car that carries me around reliably and comfortably
  • My relationships are harmonious
  • I’m enjoying learning to be kind to myself and be my friend
  • The neighbours here in this area are friendly and welcoming and I enjoy stopping for a little chat with them, it’s a pleasant feeling of community
  • The weather is warm
  • I am physically safe
  • I’m enjoying counselling people and being of help to them
  • I am grateful to have the space this weekend to totally relax, take naps when I like, read, watch films and not feel the need to do anything
  • I love the amazing technology I’m surrounded by which gives me access to the world of knowledge, to connect with others around the world, to play the music I like
  • I love this apartment, and feel lucky to have bought such a big place for such a cheap price
  • I feel grateful to my mum who is always there for me. My uncle too I feel grateful to have him in my life. My friend Steph who also is always there as a warm positive loving presence. A sister that I admire that shows me what being happy looks like. Winnie, we are each other’s fans and much love is expressed openly between us. The group I go to where we can express ourselves honestly and openly.
  • I have a lovely comfortable apartment
  • I have quiet neighbours
  • I have money to feed myself and the dog
  • I am surrounded by lovely plants
  • I am drinking beautiful cool orange juice
  • I have clients lined up till new year

I could go on and on.

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