Changing Focus

Just had an experience of changing my whole mood that I’d like to quickly share.

I was sitting browsing through the news sites, the multiple stories of what is going wrong around the world. Crashes, fires, deaths, earthquakes, pollution, animal extinction, poverty etc etc.

I was just coasting along in a semi conscious state reading this and that. After a while I noticed that my mood was sinking. I noticed that my mind was starting to become alerted and that I was in a mild state of anxiety. Duh, kind of obvious isn’t it!

What am I doing to myself here, I wondered. I kept going for a while, finding it all oddly attractive. A part of my mind wants to be alerted to danger in order to help me avoid it. The media runs on and is financed by this side of our brains.

Eventually I decided I didn’t want to feel the sinking mood of anxiety anymore.

So in an instant I decided to switch what I was taking in. And now I’m listening to a beautiful inspiring podcast with Russel Brand and Brene Brown, (who did the amazing TED talk on vulnerability).

Instantly my whole attention shifted away from the fearful and negative and towards a focus on kindness, oneness, love and positive solutions.

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