Good Facts

  • I love my dog and she loves me and she is healthy and seems happy and is very well behaved
  • My son is healthy well and seems happier than ever
  • My mum, uncle and a few of good friends are around to talk to
  • My flat is lovely, comfortable and beautiful and I enjoy my achievement of making it like that
  • My business is probably the best in the city and is doing well and I celebrate my effort and skill to take it there
  • I’m nearly half way through this difficult course
  • I have a therapist who is really good support and I’m learning more about myself
  • I eat healthily
  • I have a massive gorgeous wooded park across the road
  • Spring has arrived and there’s greenery outside the windows
  • The sun is shining right now
  • My sister and her family are well and happy
  • I am safe from physical danger and live in a fairly safe area
  • My neighbours are pleasant and friendly
  • I have a great car that keeps on working and that is paid for
  • I have a lovely oak kitchen table I’m sitting at
  • I have the possibility of a new romance with this guy Jon who I liked
  • My old friend Michael is back on the scene and we enjoy regular walks
  • I’m fairly fit and in good health and getting regular exercise
  • I have an endless supply of delicious comforting tea
  • I have central heating that keeps the flat cosy
  • I have a dishwasher and washing machine that work
  • I’m training for a new career to give myself choice in the future of something different
  • I have enough money to buy food and pay my electricity and heating bills
  • I haven’t smoked cigarettes for 6 years
  • My robot vac is cleaning the house as I write here!
  • I have nearly finished my essay and prepared for my speech due this Friday
  • I am comfortable on the seat I’m sitting on
  • I have a beautiful comfy bed
  • The bluebells and rhododendrons are out just now and are beautiful
  • It’s Sunday and I feel more free today from tasks responsibilities and obligations
  • I’m not addicted to anything except nicotine
  • The plants are starting to grow in the kitchen and I enjoy looking after them
  • I had an enjoyable meal at my mums with my uncle and girlfriend last night
  • This flat is beautifully quiet almost all the time
  • I can choose to do what I want today
  • I can listen to almost any music I want on Alexa
  • I can read any book I want on audible
  • I think I look pretty good for nearly 54!
  • I am kind, loving and wish the best for others
  • I’m learning to be kinder to myself

So that’s quite a long list for today. Good facts, things that exist and are true and are positive about my life. I still feel anxiety but think this exercise is worth doing.

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