Welcoming the Good Times

For a start I went on a date and it lasted 7 hours, is that good sign or what?! Intelligent attractive guy, and I enjoyed it. Didn’t feel anxious at all. He sent a positive text after and I sent one back. Meeting again next month….so let’s see.

it’s been the long Easter weekend and we have had 3 whole days of glorious sunshine. It raised my spirits and I spent almost all day for these days in the park and woods, by the river, walking and sitting and chatting. One day with the date and 2 days with an old friend M. He has been unusually keen to hang out recently…and we were imagining our ideal futures which was fun. Started to sense a possible direction.

I was able to forget almost, my extensive ‘to do’ list and just be in the moment, free of obligations enjoying nature and chat. Bliss. No anxiety at all for 3 days. Well except when I got home and was alone again, but even then, the positive feelings carried me somewhat. I do prefer having people around me, though I get the value that comes with facing oneself alone and learning to manage that.

And been chatting to Tobie who is still in Thailand and recovering from dengue. So glad to be in such regular contact with him.

I’ve been listening to an audiobook called Resilient by Rick Hanson – can’t recommend this book highly enough. Allowing the good in more and more….is the general theme.

That’s all for now. Working week has begun and I’m off to start the tasks….

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