Celebrating Bad things that Haven’t Happened!

Part of reprogramming my mind towards noticing more ‘good facts’ is reminding myself of some of the adversity that isn’t happening in my life.

This is a minor part of the process compared to noticing good facts, it’s still relevant though, and increases a sense of soothing and safety.

The bad things that didn’t and haven’t happened to me. How fortunate !

Here are a few

  • I haven’t been born in a war torn country
  • I haven’t been involved in a serious car crash or been knocked down by a car
  • I haven’t been diagnosed with a disease
  • I haven’t had a fire in my home
  • I haven’t been sexually abused or raped
  • I am not a drug addict
  • No broken bones
  • No shortage of food
  • Nobody close to me has been murdered
  • I haven’t fallen off my bike
  • I haven’t had a partner I love who has died
  • I haven’t been burgled
  • I haven’t seen anybody being killed in front of me

Negative things have and do happen of course to me and everyone. There’s loss and pain, and our minds evolved to focus more on these in order to avoid danger in the future.

However many aspects of our modern lifestyles encourage us to focus on the negative, the media and advertising industries know very well that the negative grabs our attention more than the positive. They exploit this and bombard us with the negative.

We are susceptible to these manipulations, and as a result, stress levels have increased, and unhappiness and mental health problems are on the rise.

I feel compassion for myself and us all, about this vulnerability. And glad that more and more of us are becoming aware, and taking back our own power to decide for ourselves how we perceive and experience daily life.

I’m taking steps to rebel against this bombardment and to balance and soothe my threat sensitive brain. I am taking an active not a passive position. I’m on a mission to take in the good. To allow it to linger and sink in and become a permanent focus.

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