‘Good Facts’ for building Resilience

Today has been a continuation of building on my focus on what is good. Good facts, no matter how small, and so very often overlooked. Ways I am being supported by life.

This is having a remarkably soothing effect on the fear prone side of my brain and my stress level right now is around a 3 (if 1 is totally relaxed and 10 having a panic attack).

Our brains have evolved over millennia to look for threats, to watch out for predators jumping out of a bush, so it takes a bit of effort to balance this tendency. We tend to remember the scary disturbing bad experiences, and this helps us avoid them in the future. Thanks brain, that has been very useful. Though now it’s not necessary to always be on high alert for threat.

Positive experiences are like a balm and settle that threat detection system.

Absorbing and noticing a positive experience and lingering on it is becoming an hourly practice. The lingering is key, it takes time and repeatedly reminding the brain that we are safe and supported….

Today so far all this happened ….

The joy of watching the dog having a chase with a new doggy friend in the park

Noticing the beauty of the newly emerged cherry blossom

The ever abundant amount of good quality air to breath

My heart that just keeps on beating without me having to do anything

The walls around me that are protecting me

Having a decent comfy car that has taken me to see a client, and 2 parks already today, to an elderly friend, the supermarket, the dog walker…

The peaceful quietness of this room

Getting things done, the dish washer emptied, the days food shopping, the washing done and hung out, and the amazing machine that washed them

Arriving home to a cosy house heated by a central heating system that keeps on working at the press of a button, in fact not even that, it goes on and off as the temperature changes

I am aware of being a good person, that I care about others, I feel a sense of worth

I’m aware of feeling gladness, that my aunt is happy with her new house

This tea with honey tastes delicious, the constant supply of cups of tea is very comforting

I’m enjoying the warming memory of a reunionion with a dear friend I haven’t seen for a while

The air temperature is perfect in here

I am not in pain

I’m enjoying the audiobook on in the background

Im glad that my mum and sister and her family are in good health

I’m delighted that my son is in the mountains of Laos staying with an ethic tribe and having such an enriching experience

I have people around who care about me and love me

I’m appreciating my cosy hemp socks a friend bought me

So many many ways I feel supported by life, and I’m enjoying the challenge of noticing all these ‘good facts’ that normally go unnoticed.

(Pigeons silhouetted behind glass panes)

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