Celebrating Ourselves

Sometimes, when encouragement from others is not available, it can be really useful and helpful just to encourage ourselves!

I have a few methods I use to boost my confidence and self belief when its running low.

One is to write a list of my positive qualities, or a list of achievements (no matter how small and can include overcoming difficulties), another is a list of what I feel grateful for, and another is to imagine my ideal future.

Today I am going to have a go at a summary of all of these here.

Positive Qualities


  • want the best for others
  • am generous
  • am kind and caring
  • am creative and artistic
  • adventurous
  • am loving
  • am resilient
  • can empathise
  • am showing skill as a counsellor already
  • feel love easily for people
  • a good communicator

Achievements List


  • brought up a child mostly on my own who seems to be thriving now as a 25 year old
  • have juggled money successfully during some very hard times when it has been tight
  • run a successful business on my own, employ people, do all the marketing and design and manage the money
  • bought an apartment and had it remodelled completely it to make a beautiful space
  • manage several projects at once
  • own and look after a dog and keep her happy and healthy
  • keep myself healthy
  • have learned that loving myself is the answer to suffering and am now on a journey of letting go of self hate towards self love via self compassion
  • have let go of people who are not good for me
  • am not afraid to approach people inc strangers and talk to them
  • am doing a 2 year course towards being a CBT therapist to give myself a less stressful future while doing more to help others
  • am cycling regularly around the park

Gratitude List

  • so glad that this client went ahead with their big job which will help me financially
  • that my son is happily exploring the world and is so far safe as he travels
  • that my dog is with the dog walker having roaring fun with other dogs
  • that Im healthy
  • I have a huge woodland park to explore right across the road
  • I have new clients arriving
  • for the opportunity do this new course and change direction if I want to later on
  • for my friends and family and their love and camaraderie and for being there when I need them
  • for my lovely hard working employees
  • for my warm cosy apartment and especially by oh so comfy bed

In the Future

I see

  • a loving respectful stable relationship with a fine intelligent man
  • a house with very quiet neighbours that has a garden where I can build a big pond, welcome wildlife and enjoy creating a wildlife sanctuary and where the dog can get out when she wants
  • so much money that I do not have to worry about not having enough to pay what I owe, so zero stress about that
  • a healthy lifestyle, with good food and lots of enjoyable exercise
  • enjoying regular travels abroad exploring other cultures
  • enjoying helping relieving the suffering of others through therapy
  • no longer feeling guilt about being successful or happy and look back with compassion and amusement on all the years I held myself back with that

I could go on with all of these but already I feel a little more ‘up’ and optimistic already 🙂


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