Pondering on Wellbeing and a Gratitude List

I just love doing these Gratitude lists. I always feel warm and a greater satisfaction and sense meaning after doing them. If I’m feeling a bit lost, I feel reoriented towards feeling fortunate for the every day miracles in my life.

I am willing to fully welcome greater peace and wellbeing and joy and love into my life, and so pondering what I have of quality in my life helps me focus on that.

I’m scared too about this. The pattern is to feel great, then do something to undo that. So I’m watching myself closely just now as I’m in a smooth bit at the moment with a heightened awareness of inner wellbeing.

  • Today the sun is shining
  • I have had a long walk in the park through the trees and enjoyed the birdsong and chance meetings with other dog walkers, the dogs played happily together.
  • I had a walk in the park at midnight with the dog last night, it was an unusual and atmospheric. I feel so blessed to have this huge park next to me.
  • I own my own house! And I’m loving it. I enjoying just being here alone with the dog. I feel at peace here, and it’s nice not having a landlord. I enjoy freedom.
  • I enjoy freedom of time. I have so much time every day I’m basically semi retired. I work probably 2 hours a day, maybe up to 4. I’m able to go with rather than fight against my reduced energy levels and take rests between activities.
  • My 25 year old son is having an adventurous fabulous life working and travelling. He’s in Cambodia right now. This pleases me greatly that he has the courage to make the most of his life.
  • I am glad that I can now stop worry in its tracks if I catch it early enough. Mostly I notice the potentially fear inducing thought creep in and just let it go.
  • I am thankful for all the teachers I have had, and all those books with nuggets of wisdom that I’ve picked up.
  • I love the 3 vases of flowers in front of me, and I’m grateful that I’m willing to create such beauty in my environment.
  • I am grateful to the clients I have, and the new ones appearing weekly.
  • I am grateful to the people running the cbt course I’m doing. I’m grateful to the organisation I’m doing the Counselling placement in. I have a client later today!
  • I am grateful to the bbc Netflix etc who provide me with entertainment and education.
  • I’m grateful to my neighbours who are pretty quiet.
  • This cup of tea in front of me and the many others give me so much comfort.
  • I am grateful for audible and for all the fabulous inspiring books I’m loving each day
  • Mindfulness – this has changed my life for the better
  • Self compassion, ditto and how. It’s been a while transformation in how I regard myself. I’ve learned to no longer be so horrible and instead be a friend to myself.
  • The trees are about to turn green as the leaves come out. It’s nearly spring and there are flowers appearing everywhere.
  • This house is warm and this chair is comfy
  • I have the most adorable dog who is beautiful to look at too
  • I have a candle lit in front of me giving me a sense of a calm atmosphere
  • My iPhone and this iPad I’m writing on. What a miracle technology is.
  • My Fitbit that records my exercise and sleep and weight and is like a coaching friend to me
  • I am managing to navigate some tricky financial waters just now with the help of some generous others.

It’s apparent when I start these lists I could go on and on. There’s so much abundance to be grateful for. I’m going to watch out and be vigilant for the urge to sabotage this wellbeing, and I commit to allowing it.

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