Gratitude for the Little Things

  • Yesterday I left the dogs lead on a park bench. Saturday is a busy day in the park, and so I thought it would be taken, since it’s a nice newish leather one. I almost bought a new one. Later that afternoon I took a walk past the same bench, and someone had hung it up for me, so I got it back. A warm feeling of trust in people came over me and I felt happy.
  • The dog brings hourly joy into my life. She is nearly always happy and full of love and affection. I get to express and receive love and feel the connection with another being that is so important to me. She is also beautiful to look at, which brings a lot of aesthetic pleasure into my life. I enjoy looking after her too, and she also motivates me to walk nearly 5 miles a day.
  • Having a huge wooded park next to me to enjoy nature in every day. I was listening and watching the abundance of wildlife there today. It gives me joy to see the beauty and to be reminded that we share the planet with other species who are part of our ecosystem. I get a sense of connectedness with everything from this.
  • I relish the freedom I have. Every day I can do what I want almost every hour, that is a joy.
  • Audiobooks. I get so much learning and good company from my audiobooks which I play in the car and the house.
  • My son who is having a great life exploring the world and working as a digital nomad copywriting. He is healthy and free. I appreciate my good relationship with him enormously too, we get on so well. I respect what he has to say, he is wise and practical and funny too. So lovable.
  • My friends and family, who are very loving and supportive and as an added bonus interesting people all of them.
  • The opportunity to do a course that is teaching me what I want to learn, how to help people reach their potential and overcome their blocks. The opportunity this course is giving me to have a second career in a few years if I choose to, helping people and earning money.
  • The comforts of this life. The sofa I’m lying on right now. The iPad I’m writing on. The heating keeping me warm. The kettle providing me with abundant cups of tea. The internet. My boots. Washing machine. Dish washer. The TV. The car….and so on. What a lot I have!
  • My employees, I appreciate the work they do and the good communication I have with them, and the mutually beneficial relationship. This includes my accountant who keeps me legal and well informed.
  • My clients, who trust me to provide the service they want and pay a lot of money to get it.

I could go on, but just writing this partial list has elevated my appreciation of what I have in my life. Thank you.

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