Gratitude visit

Today I’m feeling thankful.

  • I have a warm house while it’s windy and cold outside
  • I have a son who I love and who is happily exploring the world and has his own successful occupation that he enjoys
  • I have an adorable dog who is fun, loving and well behaved
  • I’m drinking delicious warm tea
  • There is work coming in and the business is recovering
  • I am surrounded by helpful technology and on tap entertainment and education
  • I’m doing a course I’m learning a lot from and enjoying
  • I’m getting the sense of connection I was missing before from my work placement
  • I have a nice family
  • I own my own flat for the first time and that gives me a sense of achievement
  • The park is just across the road, 100s of acres of woodland and fields I visit twice a day
  • The new flat is very quiet and peaceful to live in and the neighbours are friendly
  • I have a very comfy bed and I sleep well every night
  • I have good friends that I love and who love me
  • I am understanding myself more every day
  • I am making peace with leading a quiet drama free life.
  • New opportunities arrive each week
  • The shoots are starting to show and spring is on its way
  • I care enough to look after the security of my future for the first time in my life
  • I am enjoying meeting new people
  • I am taking new risks by going into new territory

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