Saturday gratitude list

Right now I’m grateful that my dear son is healthy, wise and looking after himself

I have beautiful loving dog who is healthy and whom I adore

I have an enormous wooded park right next to me that provides hours of beauty and deep nature therapy most days

I have friends in my life who are lovable and great company

I have a gorgeous flat which I own and I enjoy tremendously

I look after myself to a great degree, eat well and exercise regularly and enjoy good health. I haven’t had a cold for 5 years.

I am surrounded by wonderful technology which adds to the quality of my life

I have lovely friendly quiet neighbours

I have access to more knowledge via the internet than human beings have ever had before

I live in a relatively safe stable society

I have a business that supports me

I am learning new skills on a course I am doing which will provide a new career in a few years

I am lying in a very comfy warm bed

I enjoy a lot of freedom every day

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