Today’s gratitude List

I am grateful for

  • My son and the deep love I feel for him and his shape perception and wisdom
  • My dog and the fun and joy she brings, and companionship
  • The happiness I feel some days. Last couple of days I have found myself dancing here in my kitchen
  • My good health and the fact that I I am fit and can walk and move around with ease
  • The beautiful huge wooded park next to me where I go and enjoy nature and exercise twice a day
  • My business which supports me and has allowed me to buy this flat
  • My clients who want me to create their gardens
  • My support system, family and friends, which brings warmth and happiness and makes me feel safer in the world
  • My Alexa, computers phone and iPad, washing machine, car, fridge, the fantastic central heating, all the technology that makes life more pleasant
  • My gorgeous new flat which I’m loving, I feel much more settled having a place of my own that I have designed.
  • The availability of so many bargains I’ve been furnishing my flat with
  • This delicious up of tea in front of me
  • That I can go anytime I want and eat any food I want
  • That I discovered my lactose intolerance and no longer get mouth ulcers, I’m loving that
  • My new cbt course and all the new learning and new people I’m meeting there.
  • My staff who are all lovely people and work hard
  • My neighbours who are lovely and friendly and from whom I got a lovely welcome.
  • That I have have freedom of time every day to do largely what I want
  • That there are people who need help sometimes around me and I feel useful helping them
  • I have a friend who sings when we are out for walks and it creates such joy
  • The beauty of nature
  • The weather is generally fine
  • I’m surrounded by beautiful architecture
  • I have beautiful cups and plates!
  • I have been finding many great bargains on gumtree
  • I’ve got a great business coach
  • I’m ageing quite well, pleasantly surprised by that.

That will do for now, I could go on and on… does remind me that there’s much to be thankful for.

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