Soothing myself is a healing balm for me amid times of emotional turmoil. By taking steps to turn compassionately towards my suffering I start to experience more emotional regulation and balance. I feel less afraid. Even while feeling afraid. So cups of warm tea, cosy socks, a thick wool blanket, a walk in nature, a self hug…

When I have been experiencing blows of adversity, I help myself to cope by focusing on what is going right at the moment. There are always some things that are going well.

Here are a few things going well for me right now.

  • Lots of new business is coming in
  • My health is robust
  • My new flat is nearly finished
  • I get much more exercise each day now
  • The dog is settling in and is good company
  • I love and respect myself more than ever
  • I am living in a safe place
  • I have lots of free time
  • I’m learning every day
  • I’m getting paid tomorrow from the 2 new jobs
  • I have a healthy thriving son who is exploring the world
  • Just need to remind myself regularly what is going well. It’s easy for my mind when it has been activated by fear to make life look worse than it is. It’s like a contagion that spreads and I need to ground my thinking in reality.
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