Struggling today

And the last couple of weeks too…stress levels are up up, and my overall mood is tired and exhausted, and anxiety arises easily.

One great event has been the arrival of my new 9 month old dog. It is so enjoyable to have company in the woods and to give and receive love each day again. Loving it.

Financially my risk has not paid off and has brought financial difficulty.

My coach did a strengths exercise and yesterday we focused on the ones at the bottom, non strengths. So that made me home in on my weaknesses. Not good timing as I was feeling a bit low.

So what to do. Embrace this situation and love myself in it. Welcome the disowned aspects that I’ve tried to chop off.

That can be hard when I’m experiencing turmoil. It’s the only thing to do. Accept things as they are at this moment. Circumstances will change as they always do. I just need to sit it out, look after myself, be kind.

I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m not sure why exactly. I think sometimes it gets too much for me on my own running a busy business with 9 employees. Most of the time it’s okay, and I am fine with it. Now and then there is a critical mass and I collapse, my energy and enthusiasm goes. And I sink, and feel unhappy. Almost every stimulation I have a stress response to at the moment, the news, music on the radio, tv, emails coming in, interesting posts on Facebook even!

Warning signs to simplify and quieten.

I’m pretty good at that these days, early to bed and long weekends of next to know activity or work, just park walks in nature.

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