10 Ways I’m handling New Territory

Yes I’m constantly finding myself in new territory as I continue on this journey of learning to love myself completely. I watch as anxiety arises often and a part of me looks to grab something familiar. This new territory is an increasingly positive place to occupy, and ironically it is this very positivity that is alien and because it is unfamiliar, it can be scary.

I have to be very very kind and gently with myself as I navigate further into the land of joy and love, and away from a life of constant struggle, pain and sabotage. I am going beyond the familiar and I regularly have to take steps to comfort and reassure myself.

Here are 10 actions that have become part of my everyday life. Many of these are tiny little actions, and I have found that the smallest step towards self care can help lead to establishing new habits

  1. I go to bed early and hug my pillow at night as I am going to sleep! And I have the best sleeps ever since I started that a year or so ago.
  2. I buy myself flowers often to make myself beautiful. When I see them in my room the colours cheer me up and I am reminded that I am worthy of having the most beautiful space possible.
  3. I mix with new people and attend groups or courses at least twice a week. At the moment its a goal setting group and the self love club.
  4. I ask for help and support when I need it. A coaching session or two, a therapist, a business coach, (and sometimes my mum!).
  5. Regular walks in nature, submerging myself in the beauty regenerates me, I forget myself for a while and it makes me feel at one with the universe
  6. Eating really good quality food – occasional treats allowed!
  7. I take rests between work activities and I listen to what my body needs so I lie down when I am tired and work when I have the energy.
  8. I read and listen to empowering encouraging books and audiobooks (on Learning to Love Yourself by Gay Hendricks right now)
  9. I write lists of what I am grateful for in my life and lists of what I love and appreciate about myself, or what I have achieved if I want business encouragement.
  10. I do things to help others, to circulate some of the abundance I am enjoying. I feel good about myself when I do this.

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