Coaching Session

I looked up an old coach I had from about 4 years ago, and it was SUCH a positive experience. As I was updating her on where I and my life and business are at, I saw just how far I have come in 4 years since we last talked.

Back then, my business was in a desperate situation, close to bankruptcy and I was very stressed wile enduring an HMRC investigation (they found nothing in the end).

She was curious about what was going on now. I told her about how much money I have been making these last 4 years and how certain dysfunctional relationships have disappeared from my life. She asked me how I did all that and I explained.

I discovered self compassion and learned to love myself. The desperation I was in 4 years ago led me to take radical measures (thanks to the courage of desperation!) and really dig into the cause of my continual struggle and strife financially and drama in my relationships. I got help. I did courses in Self Compassion, and learned to apply it. I read books like Gay Hendricks book The Big Leap repeatedly. As soon as I realised that my self worth was low, I took action to learn to love and look after myself.

Automatically and immediately my reality started changing. I stopped undercharging for my business services. I let go of people who were not good for me. I started out on a new path into fresh unexplored territory. I cleared my debts. I bought an apartment after a lifetime of renting. I stopped smoking and hardly drink at all now.

This is a current process I am still very much engaged in. I attend a Self Love club on Thursdays, I go to happiness and self development courses. I invest in making these messages my new reality. I mix with positive people. This morning in bed I sent myself some messages of love and compassion and encouragement. I hardly ever have inner criticism now, and when I do hear the voice of the inner critic, I let it know gently that I hear it, thanks, and let it go. I don’t make a meal out of its input and I don’t fight it either.

I write regular lists of what I feel grateful for, and what I appreciate about life and about myself. I listen to empowering audiobooks in the car instead of the news.

I do still get stressed, and my life is hard at times, with the weighty responsibilities of running a business and employing 10 people. But now I know that I can nurture and calm myself through the hard times. I have learned to be kinder towards myself and my failings. I am in new territory now, and moving further into it.

I get scared at times and feel alone, and this is why I looked up my old life coach, for support and encouragement. And I finished the session with her feeling so energised.


I am so grateful for all the support that is there when I need it. Support from myself, from my family and friends, from therapists and coaches and people who write great books….and here this place to and you who read my posts, thank you!



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