Easter Gratitude List

Today I am deeply appreciative of :

  • Myself! My kindness, perceptiveness, appreciation, love, ability to communicate openly, to trust others, my courage and my talents.
  • Hair a business that supports me and 8 employees
  • The blue sky visiting today
  • The invite from my neighbours to an Easter party
  • The new guy I’ve just met who seems to be a potential for a close relationship
  • My friends
  • My family and their love and support and that I like them as people too
  • Nature and having such a huge park and woodland nearby
  • This cosy flat which is quite warm comfortable and safe with fabulous views
  • The new flat that I have bought, a new adventure of owning my own place has arrived
  • My gorgeous car which takes me around safely and comfortably
  • Music to accompany me through life, to inspire and uplift and energise me
  • The wonderful groups I have been going to and the great people I’m meeting
  • That I can deeply rest this weekend
  • The resilience that I have developed and continue to develop

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