I’ve realised that isolation is not good for me at all. I’m choosing to be around positive progressive thinking people, lots of new faces and getting to know some of them quite well. And getting my work life balance into a better place too.

Being in groups is quite an interesting way to gain a new self awareness and I’m noticing so much. I’m enjoying watching the various facilitators of these groups in action too. So many different styles of leadership to learn from.

So today it’s a Design Your Perfect Day workshop, yesterday a women in business meet up, (picture below) Friday night it was singing bowl sound healing! Thursday it was Authentic Communication, last Wednesday was part 7 of an 8 week course about how to make us and our communities happier places. This has all been fabulous. Also I’ve been back out in the park with a dear old pal. Also had a Night next door on Friday, enjoyable but drinking a lot though. That’s only about 5 drinking nights since January the 1st and only with my lovely neighbours.

That era is coming to an end shortly though, in 2 months I move into my new apartment. The least luxurious one I have ever lived in, but the first I’ve ever owned! There’s something strange and exciting about that. I’ve had a hard time all along reconciling the world of money, material advancement and owning a business with my inner spiritual life. They have been slowly coming together though. But I notice I still have a “money story”.

There’s some guilt still about being in this world of getting ahead, seeking financial security. I don’t want it to become too important to me. I monitor myself about that. And yet I know too that there’s no difference between the material and the spiritual. I see this as on the one hand a natural instinct and yet so many have sacrificed some important aspects of life in the pursuit of material security in our society. In jobs they hate, working too many hours etc. I feel so lucky, even though running a business is hard, so much responsibility and many decisions a day, that can have good or bad outcomes. Risk all the time, I live with it. Never know how projects will go, what weather we will get, what job is next. I’m managing somehow to pay this £30k to that client. Second £10k due soon, and I’m skimming money off each week to save it up. Managing adversity without being too stressed. All the peripheral activities and new support makes a big difference.

But anyway….what is important is what is happening right now. Birds tweeting, warm temperature, drinking tea. When I was drying myself after a shower I thanked each part of my body as I dried it. Gratitude is so very helpful.

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