The little Things

This snow we have been having has slowed us all down, made roads impassable for a few days, cancelled work. I’ve been holed up in the house other than a couple of fabulous woodland walks (pic attached of the last one).

So what to do with this enforced slowing down? Well I have had to find a contentment level within it. And an appreciation of the very tiniest of things. Like having a shower. Or going to bed early all snug and warm. Or making endless cups of tea. Or lying on the sofa with a hot water bottle. These things all sound like nothing special. But actually I have been noticing how special they can actually be. I have been marvelling at how my arm pours the water into the cup, how my body just keeps breathing without me trying to do it, by the ability to put music, heat, hot water on. Going for a walk. Singing. Sweet potatoes for dinner.

The little things. There are no little things.

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