Latest Workshop update

I spent 5 hours at a Refresh your Energy art workshop today. It was a good laugh with a bunch of nice mostly burnt out much too hard working women at a crossroads in their lives. Run by a very hippy woo woo therapist. It’s was fun, a lot of giggling. Not hugely deep or anything. Some meditation too. Produced the bit of art I’ve posted here. I used the whole thing as an affirmation exercise.

I haven’t been going to the park or swimming for ages. Just been enjoying these groups and feel the benefit from meeting new people and getting out more often. In fact I’m out nearly every night.

My lovely son in whom I have immense trust has renewed his visa for Columbia. That is sitting a little uneasily with me, glad he is having an adventure, but wow, there’s safer places to go. But I put aside my mummy worries, and I’m glad he stays in touch.

I went on a third date with the professor guy, we get on well and had good chat and fun. He is intelligent and humorous. Watched a good live band but got way too drunk. All day recovering yesterday on the sofa and even feeling it today still. First drink in weeks, and my last for a while. Kind of fun at the time, but I’d prefer to actually be sober and remember more of it. We kissed actually, well he kissed me. It wasn’t unpleasant but, well maybe too much to drink by then to feel it.

Things are getting better. Spring is on its way, nights are getting lighter, lots of new work coming in, about to buy my first ever property, I’m in good health, and nobody I know is dying. All good.

Spent such a long year feeling lonely when the dog died…and now I’m discovering a new life out there….I see there’s so many things to do and people to meet, potential new friends, amazing intimate sharing experiences, love and learning to give and receive. But grief can floor a person, and it paralysed me there for a long while. Till I decided to help myself out of it with the help of so many loving others. Only so long I could go on feeling floored and sad.

I am so grateful to the people who have helped me. I’m also grateful that I have the money to pay for the help I needed too from the coach and therapist. I feel fortunate.

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