Self Encouragement

I feel a need to do this a lot recently, even though things are definitely improving.

I want to remind myself what I like about myself and also of my successes, what I am doing well and getting right in life. This boosts my optimism for the future.

So what qualities, values and strengths do I like about myself?

  • I care about others
  • want to help make the world a better place and reduce suffering
  • Friendliness and a good communicator, not afraid to talk to strangers
  • The ability to find joy in simple things like nature
  • An appreciation of beauty of all kinds
  • Love of music
  • Ability to cope with stressful situations
  • Prepared to experience new people and activities
  • Able to care for and love myself more than ever
  • creative and artistic
  • I look after my health now
  • Love to explore
  • Less judgemental
  • Have a lot of gratitude
  • Can admit to mistakes and say sorry, have some humility
  • forgive easily

So successes are

  • Started a business with no money which now employs 8 people
  • I can keep an organised tidy house
  • I brought up a child on my own who seems to be doing well and is happy
  • I have helped to repair some broken family relationships
  • I can afford to buy a house this year
  • Survived an abusive childhood and manage to function in society
  • I have owned my part in, learned from and accepted responsibility for my ‘mistakes’.
  • I have taken steps to change my life for the better and not been afraid to experience the unknown
  • I survived a divorce and the end of another important relationship
  • I cleared out friendships that no longer worked for me
  • I am learning to have boundaries to protect myself, especially in business and in relationships
  • I have learned to ask for help when I need it
  • I have the courage to do what I want rather than what I feel I should do
  • I earn enough money to support myself
  • I succeeded in my dry January challenge and will maybe continue it into February. Giving up alcohol as a crutch is a huge achievement for me. I really do think I needed it as a little treat to get through the evening
  • I found an excellent therapist and a good coach
  • Have built some beautiful gardens
  • I manage quite a big business on my own , keep it all legal, pay the insurance, keep 4 vehicles and a digger and dumper going, deal with emails and new enquiries, existing clients to, it’s a lot
  • Have survived some difficult and nasty clients without a nervous breakdown
  • I’ve learned to delegate
  • I made difficult decisions for an agreeable type this year – I sacked a bad designer, I sacked my old expensive accountant and book keeper and have a better and cheaper on now, I sacked a poor performing employee

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