Today’s Gratitude List

Think a gratitude list is a good way to start the week. I so often need to remind myself of thankfulness as an antidote to the part of me that seeks to focus on what is not right or needs fixed. It suffuses me with wellbeing and retrains my mind to focus on what is going well.

So right now I am thankful for

  • This warm space Im sitting in – it’s so cold out there
  • This amazing machine Im using to write this on
  • The Internet and how it has brought us all together and given us Netflix etc
  • My son who is in good health and happy over in Columbia
  • This cup of tea
  • We have enough work coming in to keep the business healthy
  • BBC World Service on in the background keeping me company
  • The groups I’ve been going to providing new company, support, learning opportunities, getting out of my comfort zone and some leadership from the facilitators
  • My good health
  • Other support around, coach, therapist,  mum, uncle
  • The beautiful views out of all the windows here
  • The opportunity I have to buy my own home this year
  • My lovely next door neighbours and other good friends
  • My iPhone, and other material possessions which make life so comfortable, car, bed etc
  • Having instant hot water and being able to have a shower anytime
  • The privacy I live with so I can walk around naked!
  • Having a job that supplies me with enough money to live comfortably
  • My staff who are a great bunch of guys
  • The blue sky outside and sunshine
  • Pollok Park nearby
  • The new life I am creating for myself full of healthy activities, good company and an abundance of wealth
  • The increasing ability I have to give money to good causes

So thats a good start, I could go on. Life is definitely getting better. My stress level is no longer at critical levels – though it could come down a little more. So I have signed up for a meditation class starting tonight.

I also singed up for a lot of women support and business support and inspiration pages on FB but wow, everyone is trying to sell me something! Its a bit overwhelming so trying to reduce the amount of input into this brain, or at least be more particular about what I let in. The constant pressure to buy is something I experience stress from.

Oh and last night after the singing class I got stuck into a Vision Board for goal setting. First one I have ever done. Im experiencing some doubts about doing it but thought Id do it anyway. The doubts are about having the right to wish for things to desire things have goals….its been kind of against my zen religion of accepting what comes and goes. I am not sure how to reconcile those.

And I am not sure if my reluctance to envision my ideal life is to do with unworthiness effecting my beliefs about it. Is it really okay to want more when I have so much already? my doubts say. Still working with this. I somehow sense that in this game of life that its okay to wish for the very best in life for ourselves and everyone, as long as it doesn’t become and obsessive attachment.

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