Had some Good News

Which is that the client agreed to a settlement of £30k not the original £45k she wanted, thank goodness. I’ve got time to pay it up too over the next few months which won’t exactly be easy but at least she isn’t taking me to court. If that had happened it could have risked everything. So there we go. Not exactly easy to come up with £30k before April but at least it’s not going out of business as a result of losing a court case.

And a general update, is that I continue going to my therapist and courses and groups at night. Out mingling with people has certainly cheered me up. Work has been problematic and stressful as we try and complete projects amid snow and torrential rain. Need the money in the bank to pay the bills and this has slowed down. Tax due too.

I’ve maybe found a large and yet cheap flat though that’s good news too. And I am still looking for a dog. My lovely neighbours have left for a month so that will be hard not having their company. But good as I tend to drink around them. Broke my dry January a few times with them and suffered hugely the next day not being used to drinking now. I will extend the non drinking into February though to make up for it. Can see it less and less part of my life as I lose interest and feel happier with just feeling normal and sober. I feel grateful for having so much in my life.

Tonight I have a new group to try, called Authentic Connection. Along similar lines as the Self Love Club same facilitator, but more about communicating authentically. Something I don’t much have a problem with but I know I will enjoy the company. I love have these evening groups to go to, its something to look forward to.

Having something to look forward to, I have underestimated the power of. Need to create more of that! Part of stress resilience to optimistically look forward to things.

So what do I look forward to right now?

  • Seeing my son again
  • Getting a new dog
  • Buying my own flat
  • Having a loving relationship with a nice man
  • Going travelling
  • My weekly classes and courses
  • Seeing my therapist and my weekly coaching sessions
  • The business becoming even more successful
  • Building beautiful gardens

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