Asking for Help

This is just a short post. I want to share what an immense positive effect it has had on my life asking for help. I spent a year in solitude, burdened and lonely and my mood and energy sunk further and further as I struggled with running the business under duress. I made many mistakes working in these circumstances and a downward spiral took hold of feeling hopeless and despondent. I lost much of my confidence.

Eventually the courage of desperation kicked in and I started looking for solutions that I hadn’t previously considered. I needed more than my regular gratitude lists and daily self compassion practises, talking to my mum which only distressed her to hear me suffering. I needed other people. I needed more support. So as I’ve said I got myself a lawyer, a therapist and a life coach or two. I started joining groups of like minded people. Self Love Club, a women’s business group, a Happiness course. All this has changed everything for me.

I feel supported and encouraged, my stress resilience has increased hugely. I love myself. I have made healthy changes to some habits, lost weight, stopped drinking and put things in place in businesses in order to protect us. I have bought some new clothes and I am enjoying looking better. Some small things, some larger more important things but the world looks different now. More optimistic I feel.

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