Self Compassion Progress Report

  1. I went to an Action for Happiness course last night, the first of 8 weeks. Its all about that gives life meaning, how we can look after ourselves more and how we can spread that out to wider society. The Dalai Lama is its patron its free and a charity and they run courses worldwide….Its a great subject even though I was there more for the social interaction and to get out of the house. Life has been looking up since I started joining groups and interacting with completely new people. I am loving it.
  2. Life has been getting less stressful as a result of my matronly coach who is motivating me to to tasks I have procrastinated about for years. Im feeling really good about that and its helped a lot.
  3. I am opening to allowing more abundance into my life as a result of my sessions with the therapist, who is helping to untangling some beliefs about money I picked up early in life.
  4. I have upped my offer to the cline who Im in litigation with. Hoping she will accept and that I can conclude this chapter. And then get on with making  plan to pay her the money, have the threat of court action removed.
  5. I am looking at flats to buy. Im going to get just a small cheap place so have curbed my ambitions due to extra stresses on my finances and having had to have put £25k into the business recently from my deposit money. Will also have to pay off this client. If I get a flat that only costs £550 a month then I can still save and build up finances for a better place in a couple of years.
  6. I am generally feeling more contented and less stressed by having all this new support around me.
  7. Tonight I go to the Self Love Club, which takes place every 2 weeks, more lovely people to socialise with and self love development
  8. I have been buying lots of new clothes on eBay, more colourful ones. Part of looking after myself and making an effort to take care of myself.
  9. oh and my flowers I buy and I light candles which are my constant comforting companions on my table here


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