I love myself

I love myself unconditionally and I :

  • Try and be honest and sometimes lie
  • make an effort to show people I meet that others can be trusted
  • encourage others and also withhold that encouragement
  • Am generous and also selfish
  • Honesty look at my defects and also lie to myself
  • Am loving and non judgemental and also critical and have nasty thoughts
  • That I want everyone to fulfill their potential and accept that people dont and can’t
  • design beautiful gardens and some not so beautiful too
  • Am a kind and fair boss and want to empower my employees and willing to make ruthless decisions for the sake of the business
  • Am curious and also disinterested
  • Have good taste and also bad taste
  • Know how to be kind to myself and withhold kindness to myself often too
  • notice beauty all around and at times focus on the ugliness
  • See the good and potential in people and also see only the weaknesses in them
  • Like to help people and often don’t feel like it
  • Love animals and nature and eat animals raised and killed cruelly
  • Can run a business successfully and make many mistakes
  • Learn from my mistakes and often repeat the same mistakes
  • Can say sorry and at times am too proud to
  • Can be open and vulnerable and closed and defensive
  • Am a good listener and a terrible listener
  • Am articulate and also speak coarsely and awkwardly
  • Happy in my own company and need the company of others
  • Think deeply and have self awareness and can be blind and in denial
  • Have empathy and can also be insensitive
  • Am not afraid of change and like adventure and exploration and also do t want anything to change when I’m afraid
  • Have courage and also fear
  • Take responsibility for myself and deny and try and blame others
  • Am independent and dependent on connections with others

And so on and so on….

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