Snakes and Ladders!

Another meltdown! So many things going wrong right now in business. Its like a game of snakes and ladders. Mostly caused by trying to do landscaping during winter and work needing redone which is expensive, clients getting grumpy, suppliers wanting money, savings dwindling, being sued…

Also I just gave the cost to my client whose job we are supposed to be starting in a week but her silence suggests she isn’t happy with the price. This is where my head goes into spirals of self doubt.

I want to be successful and happy! The clients and men too and all of us!

Bit Later. Just got a fabulous new project! Its snakes and ladders this business thing. And I used my new questionnaire which helped me be less shy about discussing money and got a decent budget from them 🙂 oh and I got the one I was worried about not getting too!

Can be hard to change habits but Im seeing it pay off already. Im using the new processes I have been creating to protect myself. Yesterday I used the new questionnaire so I can avoid the awkward discussion about money and it just becomes part of the other questions. The new Terms and Conditions are with the lawyer for approval. And John has the costing list. Im making changes even though it is uncomfortable to do so, its necessary to put an end to stressful repetitions.

Going in the right direction. And I see that encouragement is so important. And Its not coming from anywhere except myself and my paid helpers at the moment. Good results would be all the encouragement I need when more success starts to take place.

I am learning that wishing for success for myself is very okay. I have been feeling some guilt about it but I do actually want to be successful in all areas of life, and I already am increasingly so am getting used to it. I trust myself that I won’t become greedy and materialistic which was my fear. I love the fact that the more money I make the more I can share it. I believe in tithing. And I support the idea of Universal Income for everyone. Its ridiculous there’s such poverty exists still.

So I hereby give myself permission to be more successful than ever financially , in love , health and life. There!


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