Love Yourself Group

One of my recovery from loneliness, boredom and stress actions has been to join with several Meet Up groups. And I am I so very glad I went to this one last night. Slightly cheesy name I thought but as I am learning to love myself more I couldn’t resist. Two and a half hours of utterly wonderful honest intimate sharing with 8 people In a circle, all at different stages of the process of falling in love with themselves. We did some exercises too. It’s on every 2 weeks so I’m signed up for more of that authentic sharing and learning.

And today I had an hour and a half session with another life coach, very love orientated but still on the case of goals and taking action. This all helps me to feel that I can be more in control of my stress levels this year by systematically making small changes in how I do things. It also helps me to clarify beliefs I have been harbouring that have undermined my ability to make effective decisions that are good for me.

I am enjoying eating minimally and healthily and not drinking alcohol and have lost a few pounds this week already. So pleased with myself about that. The over eating and boozing have both been dragging me down. I’ve been doing these dry Januaries for a few years now and it amazes me that it just goes out of my mind, not even a temptation.

Then a long catch over tea at the local pub with my oldest friend. All very nurturing indeed 🙂

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