Had a Bit of Therapy

Having some small breakthroughs the last few days. The session with the transactional therapist yesterday focused again on the stress I am experiencing around the business. She made me do this wheel which gauges where I feel I am on different areas of my life. Picture attached. Strangely enough this had been my homework preparation for the life coaching  session later on which I didn’t really know how to do. So by the time I had the evening life coaching session we could dive right in to a plan for action. My goodness both of these women are fantastic at what they do.

The therapist is more much personal and more encouraging. She lets me wonder around my experiences and feelings and talk, and validates my feelings, points out when Im doubting feelings or responses to difficulties, and encourages me, points out what Im doing well. It is so valuable to feel such support. I won’t wait till Im so separate next time.  I never been good before now at asking for hep, thinking I have to tough it through on my own, but no more! Its just amazing how much difference it makes. I don’t feel so alone and swamped by it all.

Then I had a coaching session with a new lady who was like a finely tuned efficient machine, procedural, limited chattiness, and straight into identifying my problems and prioritising the most important one. Then made me give her 10 solutions to the problem. Then read them back out and made me priorities those actions into about 4. Then made me say when I would carry those actions out. Not just next week, nope, which day and the exact time, and to be diarised and reported back on next week. And free too for 6 sessions, as she is building up her hours to fully qualify.

So this is all so encouraging and I don’t feel quite so anxious so afraid. Ive got a 2 hour fall in love with yourself group tonight in town. And I’ve now lost almost 3 pounds over the last few days from not drinking wine and eating more sparingly and healthily.

Hope you are all having a good start to the new year too x


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