Gratitude List

Thank you for

  • Bringing me many clients and opportunities to create beautiful gardens
  • The money to support my life, pay the rent, buy food and pay the heating bills
  • The fabulous little holidays abroad
  • The many many joyful walks in nature and having a huge wooded park nearby
  • My car which comfortably carries me where I wanted to go
  • The gym and the pool where I exercised and swam and relaxed nearly every day
  • Tara Brach for rescuing me during tough times
  • The friends and family who have given me much support this difficult year
  • Barry for showing me what courage looks like despite being paralysed from the neck down
  • My lovely neighbours who invite me for amazing dinners weekly and provide much cheer and laughter
  • The support of the life coaches and therapists I’ve lent on at times
  • My comfy flat, that kept me dry and warm through a huge storm last night.
  • The technology which makes my life smoother, iPad phone etc.
  • Living in a stable safe country
  • That my healthy son who is having a great time travelling and is blossoming so beautifully in his life
  • My good health! no problems so far other than a few small niggles. Haven’t even had a cold in 3 years
  • Not having mouth ulcers since I discovered all I had to do was cut out dairy.
  • Thank you to myself for trying hard to be as honest, fair and kind as possible and more accepting of everything in me. Thank you for my talents and traits which have helped me move around in society, build a business and deal with difficulties.
  • Thank you that I’m kinder towards myself nowadays, and that I now feel I deserve more of that kindness and self compassion.
  • Thank you for the beautiful view out every window in this house
  • Thank you for the radio and especially bbc works service which keeps me company during the day
  • Thank you for music
  • Thank you for the natural world and for the internet which allows me to access so much of nature’s beauty
  • Thank you for the Internet and Facebook for the way it has allowed connection with others and access to so much knowledge and wisdom.
  • Thank you for the makeup and hair dye that allows me to look better!
  • Thanks for the delicious cup of tea in front of me
  • Thank you for my upbringing which gave me an adequate amount of resilience to life’s stresses.

Might add more later….once you start the list seems it could go on and on.

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