Congratulations to Myself…

I was wondering how I can encourage myself more. Encouragement is such a positive experience, and I love giving and receiving it.

I have a sense I need some more of it, as I have been feeling so discouraged this last year. Hard times with clients, employees, losses of loved ones. Stress.

It has to come from somewhere and I’m not comfortable asking for it from others. Other than the paid life coach I’m seeing on Thursday. Oh and the Transactional Analyst I’m seeing on Wednesday. But this can be expensive to keep going permanently.

Writing a gratitude list is a great way to increase appreciation of my life but I want to go a bit more into building up my confidence some more. So I’m going to write a self congratulation list. Sounds a bit egotistical doesn’t it! But this not the aim, I just need to remind myself of my successes and strengths. In truth I feel a little nervous even thinking about doing it in case I can’t come up with much. So here goes.

Congratulations to me for

  • Building a business from scratch with no money
  • Living a life of adventure and exploration on my own terms before that
  • Managing to keep it going through the recession and recovering from the debts I got into during the recession and bad winter in 2010
  • Being a considerate, generous not chastising and encouraging and supportive boss
  • Being trustworthy and having integrity with my clients, staff and suppliers
  • Learning to like myself and look after myself better, this has been a steep climb from self hatred and unworthiness
  • Being able to see the beauty in the world and having a high degree of appreciation
  • For being articulate and a good communicator with people
  • For being willing to help people out when I can
  • For handling the big changes in my life over the last year, losing my dog and son and finding myself alone.
  • For being able to ask for help when I need it
  • For being a pretty emotionally intelligent parent
  • For my ongoing curiosity and willingness to learn and to dump old beliefs that no longer serve me
  • For handling very well being a single woman in a mans industry (construction)
  • For being able to sell expensive projects to wealthy fussy clients- for them having confidence in me
  • Oh yes for ding pretty good at garden design!
  • For my love of peace and harmony
  • For my ability to look for win win solutions in life
  • For being able to maintain friendships and generally avoid conflict unless necessary

That’s all I can think of just now, but it feels good and reduces my anxiety tha I’m failing just because I’ve been having a wobble this year. Im going to get some post it’s and put little notes of encouragement and love around the place.

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