So I went to see a client, saw how badly my man had finished her job, she didn’t pay me as it’s not done yet. And she also told me how much hashish they had been smoking. It has been smelled from his van for her, her friend her daughter walking past and a workman working in her house. This man has to now be sacked. This gives pain and stress to me as he just has a new a-baby and has bought a new house. But it’s not suitable material for my quality company, I feel sad. I like the guy, he is friends with the other guys, he has to go though. So just after Xmas he will be sacked.

The life of a business owner, even one that loves and cares for her staff. I can’t allow this to go on. I have an unhappy client with badly finished work and stoned out their heads workers.

I’m feel really down right now. I’m not feeling like there’s much to look forward to in life right now. I’m not enjoying dealing with the clients, or the employees in this kind of situation. I feel like running away!


    1. I smelled it once before and gave him a serious warning about it, explained that it invalidates my insurance, that it’s actually illegal for me to knowingly allow it, and just generally it’s not acceptable to be either drunk or stoned while doing construction work, driving machines and the vans etc. I’m sorry to say that it is time for him to leave now. I will wait till after Xmas.

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