Early bed

So tired. This anxiety has been exhausting. I welcome the little respite that pill gave. But at what cost. Went to my therapist appointment and I didn’t have the anxiety I was going there to deal with. So we talked business strategies a lot, she was helpful. Pointed out that I’m dealing with narcissist personality types, and the odd psychopath- the ultra wealthy. They’ve caused me so much stress with their power games. I just want to do a good job and be paid.

We also touched on the grief over the dog. And loneliness. I teared up. Still miss my pal. Also today before the therapist I picked up the collie puppy and took her for a walk. Had a smile on my face the whole time as I so enjoyed experiencing for the first time through her, things like a scarecrow and cows. Nice encounter with the grateful owner too. It’s 8.30pm and I’m in bed. Have hardly eaten today, not a bad thing…have had enough to be healthy though.

I cancelled an appointment with another pain in the ass client tomorrow. Can’t be doing with the hassle just now. Kid gloves with myself.

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  1. I’m enjoying the candor of your writing. I’ve been going through some major shifts on every level. It’s intense. I’m usually really responsible with clients but this shit is like dealing with an earthquake or a newborn. Nothing else matters at a certian point. Keep finding the movement in your heart and soul and know you are well taken care of by a higher order.


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