What brings me most Happiness?

Thought I’d make a list, as I lose sight at times. It’s also what I’m thankful for too, so a gratitude list also. Life has been feeling a bit humdrum recently and I want to check in that I’m doing enough of what I love. J

  • Walking slowly through nature, lingering and exploring and just being outdoors in the woods, by a river, in a meadow
  • Birdsong
  • Hearing Tobie’s interesting thoughtful views
  • Seeing Tobie is successfully making his own way in life
  • Being around any kind of animal
  • Pollok park
  • Taking beautiful photos
  • Being around old beautiful architecture
  • Exploratory conversations
  • Hugs
  • Being in the countryside
  • Being in Fife
  • Designing a garden
  • Happy clients
  • Increasing my Understanding of myself and others
  • Feeling compassion
  • Feeding the birds and watching them
  • Playing with a dog
  • Being useful to others
  • Silence
  • Loud energising rock music
  • Going to see live music
  • Travelling to new places and experiencing other cultures
  • Toasted seaweed
  • Milky tea and honey
  • Old photos from earlier periods
  • Exercising and keeping healthy
  • Daily Swimming and the jacuzzi
  • seeing the men every day and having a chat
  • learning to listen better
  • The smells of autumn

Photo taken last night in Pollok Park where I go daily


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