Resting with Whatever appears

Want to share a quick post on what I have I found to be an effective soothing excercise. The other day before I got in for a swim I positioned a chair at the end of the pool. I used it to remind me to rest, to allow what is occurring to just be there, to relax. Every time I swam towards the chair I said to myself

Relax with the thoughts coming up

Relax with the feeling of anger

Rest with the anxiety

Rest with the greed

Rest with the crazy thoughts

Rest with not being present

Rest with the situation right now

Rest with the guy splashing me as he passes

Rest with the nasty thoughts

Rest with the state of the world

Rest with all the feelings as they appear and disappear

Rest with the insecurity

Rest with the judgements

Just rest with whatever is occurring, the myriad of thoughts and feelings and sensations. The pleasant and the unpleasant.

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