Invited Resistence

I think I just did by writing that last post about how easy it is to make healthy choices! 

Since I wrote it I have been assaulted by every affliction under the sun, from irritation and anger to anxiety and self doubt and melancholy. Mostly the thoughts have been a very me centred last 12 hours. Me me me me me. All about me and my concerns. My loneliness. My fear. My irritation. My hard time. 

The very opposite of the spontaneous creative feeling that comes with forgetting the self. How to be with this suffering? Well self compassion of course! I turn towards the pain and angst and I send it love. I allow it, embrace it, stay with the feeling physically and soothe it like a baby crying. 

Sinking more deeply into the freedom that is our natural state, tends to arouse that which stands in its way. It all pops up to be addressed. So hello anger fear and irritation, sadness self doubt and the rest of the gang. There there, it is okay. 

This too shall pass. Afflictions are also part of Rigpa, I’m learning that they can come and go without causing much distress if I don’t make a meal of them. 

Bedtime, it’s 11.30pm and Rush are on the radio. A fine end to the day. 

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