Foggy Weather

Just back from a birthday in Budapest where the beauty, strangeness and warmth amazed and delighted. A welcome reprieve though not without its challenging moments. Before that a week long visit from a Serbian friend kept me fully busy. 

What can go wrong will go wrong is the theme at the moment it seems. Nature’s cycles of increase and decline.  

I have been experiencing many challenges and difficulties, all minor, but they all add up to stimulate the fears. It has been a time for staying quiet the last 2 weeks. 

Maintaining stable healthy habits helps get through the decline part of the cycle. Increased the exercise to include a proper workout in the gym each day before swimming and still doing a mile or two in the evenings too. Healthy food, and not too much, next to no drinking other than a night on holiday, and sugar levels kept low too. All helps to maintain some sort of sanity amid disruptive happenings. 

It is a valuable opportunity to be honest about what is going on with beliefs which are hooking up thoughts and emotions. I watch how I go up and down and round the roundabout with the experiences as they come and go. Encouraged, discouraged, up and down…they are kind of all the same anyway, temporary displays of dynamic energy. And completely valid and allowed too. Turning towards anxiety with tenderness, I apologise for rejecting it. Welcome I say, I hear you, let me be with you for a little while. It always helps to actually just be with a feeling, to pause the resistance. Kind of cradling them in my arms like a baby right now actually. Resting, soothing and allowing. This is in the park the other night. 


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