Working with emotions 

I was close to getting up, when I noticed an uncomfortable tension and also a tight sensation in my throat. I see that there is the option of just getting up, thinking it might dissipate on its own amid activity when I start getting dressed etc. 

I decide against that I have time, so decide to stay with it for a while and investigate, no big rush to get up. And I don’t want to carry it around in a slightly squished state. Plus a chance to try out my new skill. 

I lie there, I’m in a comfortable position on the back, cushion under bent knees. Hand on heart for emotional support. 

I relax and feel into my body, where do I feel the sensation of it exactly? 

I breathe a few times slightly more slowly than normal. It takes a minute to focus into the body. I take my hand from my heart, maybe not required now and interfering with identifying position of feeling. 

The throat is the most obvious sensation, though I also feel it from my stomach right up to my throat. A tightness, a clench.

I breathe, allow, listen. I turn with a tenderness towards it, with an attitude of kindness. I cradle it in my lap as before. Welcoming it. 

What are you expressing feeling? 

Ah a little fear. Some thoughts there earlier, on the melting of defences ahead that brought a little anxiety and doubt. Thank you, I hear you. Hadn’t noticed I allowed you in. I have been doing a lot of inner work this weekend and dug a bit deeper into conditioning. Including absorbing what this fab awake bright spark has to say, Kiran Trace and watching loads of interviews on Buddha at the Gas Pump

The lap is quite a close location to the feeling as it extends to my stomach, so moving it there didn’t make a discernible difference. So I take the sensation and I move it gently from the stomach/solar pleaxus/throat out beyond my left shoulder. That feels okay. Then I move it to the other side towards my right shoulder. The knotted tight feeling in my body has gone now. Thanks for visiting feelings.

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