Wise Quote – Jed Mc Kenna 

“Why can’t you perceive Truth? Why is it not obvious? Why am I asking these stupid questions? Why is the sky blue? 

Let’s make up a story, you can participate if you want. It’s simple, just imagine what I am sharing and try it on for size.

Truth is that Infinite Capacity for all that is, or more accurately, all that appears. In order to be that non-interfering sky-like openness Truth requires certain qualities (stick with me here). It must be subtle beyond imagination, otherwise it would continually be interfering with the dreams created within it. It’s job is not to change or judge creations, just to be the container of all that spontaneously arises from within it . Hence, it cannot judge what it contains. That would be contrary to it’s nature as the embracer of all creation. It must be kind and gentle beyond anything you can imagine. Kind and gentle is the only way to be, IMHO and experience.

Now, I suggest that in order to be aware of Truth’s existence, one needs to sorta tune into it, a little like a radio. Once that channel is dialed up the song (preferably old rock and roll) comes through. 

So, does my silly little story give you a sense of why so few people ”get it”. Your human senses (your current radio receiver) are rather gross in their reception capacity and sensitivity … i.e., the signal is subtle and the noise gross (S to N ratio) … ergo reception is challenging and much interference overwhelms reception. Removal/reduction of the ”noise” element (Maya/ego) is paramount to clear reception. 

One might say, relax, breath and let things be as they appear. There is nothing to do. Your radio does not generate the rock and roll, only receives it. Listen closely… you might even hear your favorite love song, the one you wrote in order to touch your soul, a little reminder of what you really are.

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